Promoting a Sustainable Future in Hout Bay

   Jun 27


EnviroChild is a registered NGO, dedicated to the goal of a healthy, sustainable, prosperous and united community in Hout Bay, ultimately inspiring other communities to follow the same path.

EnviroChild aims to facilitate all ‘green’ projects in Hout Bay that share its vision and goals, by acting as an ‘umbrella’ organisation where needed.

Envirochild offers:

  • A recognisable NGO ‘brand’ with some historic standing and credibility in the community
  • A legal entity and a vehicle for donor funding – registered in 2007 as a section-21
  • NPO (not-for-profit) organisation
  • Banking with project specific accounts
  • Website with project specific pages
  • Datbase of sustainable products, suppliers and sustainable initiatives

We currently support these independent Projects in Hout Bay

    • PLANET WARRIORS is an edutainment campaign that empowers children with guidance, tools and knowledge, unleashing their innovative entrepreneurial potential, to bring about sustainable lifestyle changes in their schools and communities.
    •  HOUT BAY GREEN FAIRE is a showcase of sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle options such as eco-housebuilding, solar & wind power, energy & water saving devices, composting toilets, how to grow organic and more…. Next one is November 2nd, 2013. Contact danielle@envirochild.org to participate.


    • RETHINKBAGRETHINK THE BAG An initiative by the Two Oceans Aquarium highlighting the enormous damage done by the use of plastic shopping bags, to the land and ocean environments  and their campaign to have these bags entirely.


    • e-Khaya using sandbags instead of bricks to build e-khaya logohouses, which are cheaper, have better insulation and are easy to use.



SA ENVIRO-CHALLENGE promotes the use of low flow showerheads which saves 50% of electricity and water with each shower.